September 28, 2009

Riley Attacks the Camera

Last week I was trying to film Riley as she was crawling around in the sunlight. It was so cute, but the second I got out the camera, she made a beeline for it and attacked.

Note: this video is not recommended for those that hate terrible filming, or are easily nauseated (like myself!)

Riley enjoying opera music, and then becoming upset....again

A few weeks ago Riley was up late with me and became entranced with some ousic on the tv. She was tired beyond belief and stopped crying when I resumed the music.

It seems she wanted to keep crying, but the music was just too surprising, too enticing. Moments later, she twisted her ankle and became upset-all over again.

September 25, 2009

MJ Medley - YouTube Favorite

My apologies to Aimee, who has already seen this and sent this to me in the first place.

For anyone else reading, hopefully you'll enjoy this as much as I did. The songs are wonderfully and creatively compiled. Makes me miss the early 90's.

September 24, 2009

Barcelona Quilt

I found a beautiful quilt in a catalog I've never seen before. I love the colors, pattern and texture of this quilt/sham. Sadly, I would never have the patience to actually sew something like this. The quilt can be found online here.

Beat LA!

Last Sunday, we also attended the Giants-Dodgers game. We were unfortunate enough to sit in a row with 8 Dodger fan-thugs. Luckily, the Giants started scoring runs, hand-over-fist, and the noisy thugs never returned. I am certain that the game win can be credited to Riley's attendance! (the Giants also won on opening day when Riley attended)

Here she is with Dad cheering for the Giants to keep their lead at the end of the 9th inning. Both Riley and Matt do a "fist pump" as the Dodgers lose the game.

Here Riley shows off celebratory smiles and her two teeth!

Having beat LA, Riley is relaxed, smug and satisfied to roam around town in the backpack in search of dinner with Grandma and Grandpa.

Riding Bart

Riley's first trip on Bart happened last Sunday. We parked in San Bruno and rode Bart into SF first thing in the morning. Riley thoroughly enjoyed public transit and her new backpack, that allowed her to ride on Dad's back and see all of the scenery.

Without promting, she used the strap to brace herself, just like her dad was doing. She looked like a seasoned commuter.

September 10, 2009

Cruising Around the House

The most exciting toys are often unexpected, lately Ri has been spotted carting around this orange ring (meant to attach a toy). She crawls with the ring in her hand and will often crawl with the ring in one hand and an additional toy in the other hand. Needless to say, she looks ridiculous.

You can see the sheer joy she gets from carting that thing around!

Poor, Sick Kid

Riley and I both seem to share a tendency for car-sickness. After being dropped off at work, Riley and Matt headed to run a couple errands, and breakfast and the car ride didn't mix and she made a horrible mess. The car seat, clothes and entire car-back-seat were a wreck. Thus began a disastrous day. Poor kid looks so miserable.

September 2, 2009

Tiny Feet

Just three weeks old and Dad is already messing with her! She couldn't be cuter than she is at 8 months, but I still just melt seeing her this tiny. I miss it - almost.

September 1, 2009

Newly Found Family Photos

My mom sent me these two scanned slides that I've never seen before, she is the youngest girl - seen in both photos.

This photo was taken in Capetown, South Africa (I'd guess around 1955?). My mom (looking adorable with a big bow) and family and their family friends are in the photo.

The second photo shows my mom and grandmother in a field in Switzerland. So pretty, can't wait to share these things with Riley.

Beach Fun

Last weekend Riley and I were lucky enough to go visit our friend Heather. She was kind enough to invite us to stay, even though one of us is only 8 months old......and a little high-maintenance in the packing realm.

We drove the Volvo full of stuff, stroller, car seat, pillow and extra clothes. The beach in Carmel was beautiful, sunny and we think that Riley might have won Heather over.