December 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Baby-Girl!

A whole year has passed and it is hard to believe! This has been the fastest, happiest and craziest year and we've had a wonderful time.

Happy Birthday Riley! You have made our family busy and complete and we're so in love with our spirited, goof-ball girl!

Party like a Mitt

Riley had a great birthday party yesterday. Over 20 friends and family (some traveling from out of State!) came to watch her open presents at a mind-numbingly slow speed, eat food, cake and hang out. Riley made a mess out of her large piece of strawberry cake - and she was also awe struck by everyone singing Happy Birthday, to her!

Here Riley poses with her three grandmas and her friend Charlie!


The day after Christmas Riley's friend Charlie flew in to visit us! She was delighted with him and he was so sweet and so mellow, but got understandably upset when her kisses turned violent. Such cuties!

Baby's First Christmas

Riley spent a busy Christmas with Matt's Family and my family. She was a trooper opening so many neat gifts, though she's a slow unwrapper and easily distracted.

Here, she opens her first-ever Christmas gift.

Riley and her Aunt Heidi!

Riley enjoys ice cream with her grandma for dessert!

December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas from Us!

Merry Christmas from the three of us! Christmas was busy, busy - and wonderful. Riley was as old as you could really be, for a first Christmas. She opened presents by herself and was able to really enjoy it!

December 19, 2009

GAP Kids Commercial

At least these annoying commercials bring someone joy! The first time these dancing kids came on the tv, Riley stood up to dance with them. The video I got wasn't quite as successful, but she was still very happy when we replayed the commercial. Riley also showed off her modified crawl for when she's holding a book!

Riley Finds Her Stuffed Tiger

In an attempt to get a video of Riley walking and pushing our laundry basket, I put her stuffed Tiger at the bottom of the laundry basket. While this didn't help me get the video of her pushing the basket, she did knock over the laundry basket, crawl inside of it and retrieve the tiger. She was pretty excited after this!

December 14, 2009

Riley Crashes Boys Night Out - Part Two

After the factory tour, Riley and the boys ate at "The Hop Yard". Riley enjoyed lentil soup - and is doing some antics for the camera.

After dinner, they headed to a Shark's game in San Jose. The game was three hours, but held Riley's attention for the entire game. (I would not have had such a long attention span!). She especially loved the Shark's mascot and the drum that he'd beat.

A Long Time Coming.....Brewery Tour

Last week Riley got to go on an grown-up -boys-night-outing with her daddy and her BFF, Ian.

I enjoyed a night at home, catching up on work-outside-of-work projects, drinking tea and enjoying a bizarre sense of calm!

The first stop on the night-out, was a free tour at the Budweiser factory in Fairfield. It was less than educational for the adults, who already know a lot about the process, and whose tour guide, did not. However, Riley enjoyed seeing the bottling line, touching the tanks and tasting a beech wood chip.

Riley posses with dad, in front of the Bud Light sign - I'm sure my parents are so proud!

December 1, 2009

Ridiculous PJ Mitt

We took these photos while trying to get some front and profile photos for Riley's Tiger-Woods-Golf-game generated character. She preferred to make ridiculous faces for the camera.

Out for a Winter Walk

Last week I took these photos of Riley getting ready for a winter walk. It's a struggle getting her dressed for cold weather. We try to simultaneously put on her hat, blankets, and mittens (if we're feeling adventurous).Invariably she will remove some of the items while we're securing the next item.