May 8, 2010

And, if You Thought You Were the Only One Suffering from Allergies...

You're not.

Friday Evening at the Park

Riley's took a trip to the park yesterday with her aunt and uncle. She also brought her purse, handkerchief, water bottle and snacks. She likes to put the purse around her neck, turns out it's a great look for the park and around the house. Almost every time she sees her purse, she decides to wear it.

May 3, 2010

Baby Wants an imac

Riley disappeared from our living room this evening. We caught up with her 10 seconds later to find that she'd climbed on my desk chair and was furiously typing and using the mouse at the same time. I'm not sure that standing on the chair is the most ergonomic set up for a baby-work-space.

Mitt's Country Hot Tub

While working on house painting, we needed many things to entertain Riley. Saturday evening we supplied her with her own outdoor hot tub. She loved her tub and lounged for nearly two hours.