October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat (or just knock on the door and stand there quietly)

Riley had her first experience Trick or Treating. We took her out in her oven mitt costume. It still fits great from last year and this year she's finally old enough to walk in it and candy gather.

We went to several houses in our neighborhood. She enjoyed knocking on doors and readily took candy from the people that opened the door and she successfully stashed it in her bag.

What she didn't master was saying anything to people. So I tried coaching and ultimately said the "trick or treat", "happy Halloween" and "thank you" to everyone and Riley waved good bye.

We went houses to house until Riley "dropped". After about 6 houses, Riley sat on a lawn in a front yard and spralled out on her back. It was then that we headed home and Riley checked out her loot.

I let her pick just one candy for tonight and she chose and enjoyed an Almond Joy.

October 27, 2010

Last pics as a family of 3

Our last family photos as a family of three.

I forced Matt to come outside for a couple quick photos during the World Series Game. Riley wore her lucky tights for the game and they were quite successful!

October 25, 2010

RIley Meets Cousin Hannah!

We drove to Davis to see baby Hannah the day she was born. I got to be there for the entire process and was thrilled to meet her so quickly and be with my sis for the amazing event.

We came back later in the day and brought Riley to meet her new and only cousin, Hannah Grace! Riley was pretty interested in the new little girl and enjoyed petting her soft, blond hair. I was pretty tired from being pregnant (overdue at that) and from having stayed up all night. Thankfully I got a few days rest before Alison showed up.

October 20, 2010

Fairytale Town, Part two

Riley and her dad ride two of Cinderella's horses before trying out the seat in front of the stagecoach and of course, sitting in the pumpkin stagecoach itself.

Riley also got to try out the wheel behind a large pirate ship and inspect the cannons on the boat!

Fairytale Town, Part one

Today we decided to do something fun for Riley, knowing I won't be free for a little while to do things with her (especially that involve leaving the house and giving her full attention), we went to Fairytale Town.

We got her a "magic key" that will play music or audio stories at each of the attractions. Here Riley tries putting it into the machine at the Crooked Mile.

Dad took Riley on the Crooked Mile and the many slides, while I enjoyed taking photos, bench-warming and waiting at the bottom of the slides to catch her.

October 11, 2010

Just Lounging

We found Riley lounging in the infant car seat (that is waiting to be installed in our car for little sister), that was stuck in the corner of our living room.

She thought it would make the perfect recliner and decided to hang out for awhile with her feet up on the fireplace, just relaxing.

Sadly, her exit out of the car seat was not so graceful and involved a few rolls on the floor. We're wondering if this means she'd like her own, mitt-sized recliner?!

Mitt Van Winkle

I can't stand how cute she is when she's sleeping, and always want a photo but the light is always really dim and I'm always afraid that I'll wake her up with the camera.

Seeing her, butt-in-the-air and hugging her stuffed tiger, "tiger beak", I just had to try taking a couple pics in the low light.

October 6, 2010

Life of the Artist

Riley has been pursuing her talents as an artist, both busy and intent on putting colors and lines on paper. She also helped by putting away all 8 of the crayons before we moved on to bath time. What a helpful Mitt!