May 13, 2011

The Royal Afterparty

This photo is so typical of the girls at this stage: Riley loves her sister more than anything, but can't help but drive a mini Range Rover on her face. Alison is just looking gorgeous and obliging and Riley refuses to look at the camera for a photo.

We had a mini-after-royal-wedding bash with my mom. We watched some of the coverage of the wedding (nearly a week later) and had scones, crackers, cookies, marmite and of course, tea!

May 5, 2011

Pneumatic Naptime Protest

So I feel badly that Riley feels so sick, however, she NEEDs to nap. Today she slept for about an hour when something woke her up crying and screaming and coughing - and she refused to drink anything. I think she was just angry and didn't feel good, so I brought B'dah in with me to try and convince her to have her banana drink in a bottle and she patted the pillow and showed me that she wanted B'dah to lay next to her. So with B'dah's presence she was willing to relax a bit and drink her banana-milk-raspberry drink. What a therapy baby!

Sophie the Giraffe

Everyone seems to love Sofie the Giraffe. Well at least Ali does! Riley dutifully brings Sofie to her sister, and Ali will spend hours gumming her giraffe.

One more note about this photo: I love Ali's (hand-me-down) Giants Onesie. Riley will point to it when we're sorting laundry and point out anything that's B'dah's and Baseball by saying "awe, B'dah ba-ball, B'dah Ba-ball". She really loves her sister and "Ba-ball". Cute Mitt!

May 3, 2011

Making Cookies

Unfortunately, no one has been too well around here, especially Riley. So we don't have any new photos or anything very fun to share right now. It's been a little while since I've taken photos and I don't have the Easter pics yet.

I did just notice that I have some great photos my dad took of Riley on Opening Day! Riley had a different opening day experience, she missed out on "ba-ball", but she would have eventually tired of the 5.5 hours we spent at the ball park and instead she got a whole day of fun, a good nap and cookie-making with Grandma. Let me tell you, these chocolate cookies were flaky, flavorful and just a tad salty and the almost glaze when paired with the beautiful shapes and bright colors were too much to resist. I ate every single one that I could get my grubby hands on! Delicious fun