May 5, 2012

Sunday Bounce Fun

Ali enjoys trying out a new bouncy toy.
We had so much fun going to a bounce house place last Sunday. Rather than devoting our day to the usual errands and house work, we got out at Dad's urging and we went and had a blast at an indoor bounce house place. Riley was brave enough to go down the tallest slides and she even learned to climb up the "climbing wall" so she could get to the top of these slides. It was a great work out for all of us and a really good deal as Riley was the only person we had to pay for.

Riley enjoyed free falling
down the tallest slides
After we were bounced-out, we devoured a lot of food at Chipotle and headed home to rest for the evening. Riley took a pretty solid nap after burning ALL her energy.

She looks pretty pleased now
that she's reached the bottom!

Ali prepares for hurricane-force winds,
she's not pleased

Matt is totally enjoying playing with Riley too!