September 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma Margaret!

We took a second, quick trip to Apple Hill to celebrate Riley's grandma's birthday. Heidi, Riley, my mom and I headed up to Apple Hill. We got veggie burgers, picked apples and had pie. It was almost unbearably hot, but Riley still enjoyed picking out apples and was lucky enough to meet several very nice dogs!

September 20, 2010

Getting down to business - picking out apples

Even though we came to Apple Hill very early, we were still able to go home with some Gala apples and Bartlett pears. In fact, Riley picked out a whole peck of apples for us to take home. We let her pick from the vast bins (which were conveniently located on her level and saved me from bending over).

Here she shows off her skills and how aptly she handled two fruits at once. The photo of her with two pears almost looks like a complex sobriety test; impressive Mitt!

(thank you to Ian for not only taking these great shots, but for sharing :)

September 19, 2010

Trip to Apple Hill

Riley's first trip to Apple Hill!

Here, Riley rides in style to a farm where we stopped and had lunch at one of the farms and had lunch.

September 11, 2010

Park Fun with Dad and Ian

Getting in the mood for sports and changing seasons, Riley enjoyed an evening at the park with a football and playing Frisbee with her dad and buddy Ian!

Safety First!

Even cuter than the pudgy face created by these ear protectors is that Riley couldn't take them off herself! She did enjoy seeing dad yell at her to test out the sound-proofing capabilities of her ear-wear.

September 6, 2010

Baby Hannah's Party!

We had a wonderful time at baby Hannah's shower. Riley loved that there were a few other kiddos her age. Riley also enjoyed raiding the gifts at any opportunity she could manage!

I made coconut cupcakes with orange-passion fruit frosting for the festivities.

Heidi and I also managed to accidentally wear the same dress to the party - our matching outfit and bellies are almost cute and almost creepy!

All-in-all it was a wonderful party, great food, friends and adorable gifts to see!

September 5, 2010

Aimee's Birthday Flowers

The flowers we bought to celebrate Aimee's birthday were pretty quick to wilt, especially the spray roses. (they seemed to wilt from the first evening of heat!), somehow a day or two later, they were pas their prime, but looked just pretty enough that I couldn't resist taking a couple photos of how they looked in the evening light.

Riley checks out my expanding belly

Riley has been enjoying checking out my enormous belly. Sometimes just to see it and sometimes for kisses, raspberries and one-painfully-unnecessary bite. She also will then quickly cover my belly up, almost to let me know that it's shamefully large and shouldn't be viewed by anyone! I had Matt take a few photos of us in the yard, hoping to get a few shots of her and her sister-to-be.