August 29, 2015

New School Opening Brings New Possibilities for West Sacramento Community

It is already amazing what this school has been able to do in less than two weeks since school started. I am so encouraged by the community that has been created in less than a week of school. My children are so excited about music, art, and sharing books in class! It is wonderful to be part of this great school. As a parent of a child with disabilities, I have become accustomed to my child coming home from school exhausted and feeling beaten-down by socializing at school, but coming home from Lighthouse Charter School has been different. The kids have been inclusive and kind , and even given compliments to my daughter who hasn't experienced being accepted so well by her peers before.

The opening of Lighthouse represents the culmination of years of planning and months of dedicated outreach and investment on the part of committed parents with a shared a vision for creating an educational option with a collaborative culture, and meaningful involvement from community groups and parents. I'm so grateful to all the parents who made this new school option a reality and for contributing all of your wonderful kids to our school. I really believe we've created something special!

The first day of school was commemorated with a ribbon cutting ceremony with West Sacramento Mayor Chris Cabaldon, and the mascots for the Sacramento Kings and River Cats. Read the Sacramento Bee's coverage of the opening Lighthouse Charter School and the parent-driven movement for collaborative education.