March 31, 2010

Chilly Evening Walk

The weather has been beautiful, but cold and unpredictable. Riley and I set out to enjoy the last of the day's sun! She didn't want to have her hand held and insists on being Ms. Independent.

Riley's adorable shawl was made, by hand, by her Great-Grandma Gwen. I still can't seem to get her to leave the matching hat on for a photo. I'll keep trying!

March 30, 2010

Double-fisting it!

Trying to decide between two beverages? Go the Riley-route, have your milk and water too!

Who wouldn't look ridiculous drinking from two bottles?!

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

After 23 years, my car and I are parting ways. My husband was kind enough to buy me a new car, a new, white, station wagon, in fact. The sad part is that we cannot insure or use three cars. As a tribute to my car I have some photos catalogued from the last 23 years; starting with the Summer of 1987 when my family picked up the car, brand new, at the Volvo factory in Sweden!

The Volvo has taken my family on a two-month road trip all over Europe, to a cross-country family road trip and another cross country road trip with my best friend when I was 18. I've seen 46 states, many of those with the Volvo!

I am happy to report that the car is still running great and will get a new home!

Sweden, 1987

Germany, 1987

School Picnic, Arcata, 1988

Our home in Eureka, 1989

Monument Valley Utah, 1990

Amity, Arkansas 2000

Stuck in a Tahoe Blizzard, 2001

Family Camping, 1997

Girls' Weekend, 2010

March 26, 2010

Dad's Infectious Laughter

I'm told that Riley's laugh was even crazier before the video camera came out. I love that she falls over laughing, how ridiculous!

March 25, 2010

Teaching Riley to Save (and not eat) Her Money

On Friday Riley's Grandma came to visit, we decided to try showing her how to put change in her piggybank. I doubted that she'd have the manual dexterity to position the coin at the right angle and successful get it in her bank, but she did. Over and over. The trick was preventing her from trying to put the pennies in her mouth. Ick!

March 23, 2010

Paradise Rose Soap

After hoarding the paradise rose soap that Matt bought me in Philadelphia almost 20 months ago, I decided to finally treat myself to actually using it. It smells SO good. Incredibly rosey, but not too perfumed. It's like pure silk to use.

March 15, 2010

A walk to the park

We ventured out of the house the Sunday before last, to visit the park. Riley's now able to go for walks by herself. Though she gets awfully distracted by porch steps, driveways and flowers!

She had a blast at the park. She tried all three slides, several swings and even tasted the bark chips....yum?

Mitt molests a tulip

We are so happy it's nearly spring. Riley enjoyed eating Saturday brunch (mmm, crepes) in the yard and exploring the new flowers. The tulip barely survived.