May 16, 2014

Party with People Who are Happy and Not-Happy Faces

Today during social group Riley created new artwork, was one of her most elaborate drawings, and it's creepy. She told me it's a "party with people who are happy and people with not-happy faces". 
On the bottom right is "Abby" who is having a party. In the middle is a "statue, and it's hanging on a rope, but it's real, it's not just a statue". And to the left is a girl who "almost fall over". And then there are people in the back. Sad faces. Happy faves. The figures were much creepier at first until she started reworking it and coloring more and more. In the end she added what looks like blood splatters across the scene. 
A close up of the statue that's real. (Looks like a clown piñata). 

Here's "Abby" enjoying her party!